Gabe Newell’s “Top 5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Lord and Master”

If I idolized anyone besides myself it would be Gabe Newell.  Besides his body odor and excess fat, the man is a damn genies.  He has created some of the best video games ever, lead the way on an Open platform (the PC) and kept his company private.  He is a God among CEO and Management Dicks running companies like Activision, EA and Ubisoft.  He is a gamer that cares about gamers.  He is my own personal hero.

Recently he was interviewed and shared some interesting points about the PC and the future of gaming.  I present Gabe Newell’s “Top 5 Reasons why PC Gaming is Lord and Master”

5)  Virtual Hats can make you $150,000 a year.

4)  Innovation is born on the PC, the ultimate “Open Platform”.

3)  When Microsoft Fucks us, there’s always Linux.

2)  Touch-less PC Porn is just around the corner.

1)  I built a $70,000 PC Gaming Machines that can penetrate Snooki from my basement.

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