What do you think of these PC games ported to console?

There has always been controversy about PC games being ported to consoles and vice versa.  PC gamers claim that the games lose something since the graphical interface is lower on a console.  There is also the problem with some games being designed for the PC which just don’t port well at all due to the differences in system designs.

Even games which come out for both consoles and PCs at the same time are not identical.  PC games are designed, for the most part, to be played with a keyboard and mouse while a console game uses a controller.  So the two versions of the game can’t be the same.  For those who have played some of these games on both a PC and console, it can be even more frustrating.  I put this down as some games just work better on a PC.

Here are some examples and why I think so.

Bejeweled – This tile-matching puzzle game is named slightly different for each platform it’s been released on.  The game is the same no matter which one you play though.  You match at least three of the same colored jewels to make them disappear and new jewels drop down.  I have played this one on both PC and console and think the PC version is better because it’s easier to maneuver the mouse than a stick with buttons separately.

Zuma – Another tile-matching puzzle game with a frog for the current and upcoming ball holder.  You have to get rid of all the color balls before they reach the skull “well” by matching three or more.  As the game progresses the route of the balls makes it more difficult to accomplish this.  This game honestly works well on both a PC and console although holding down a stick to move the frog in a circle tires your hand quickly.

Dragon Age: Origins – Bioware released this single-player RPG simultaneously for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, however all I ever heard was that Bioware took the PC version and just put in on the consoles.  I played the console version only but I do know there were lots of problems with controls, which I heard were not an issue for PC.  The sequel resolved the PC/console problems though.

The Sims – There have been so many versions and expansions on the Sims it’s hard to say which ones have been ported, although I think it’s been multiple but not all.  However this life-simulation game where you control people doesn’t work well on a console at all.  It’s, again, a joystick issue vs. mouse.

American McGee’s Alice – Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Wonderland went evil?  This game showed that as a third-person action game.  It was creepy in a fun way and the graphics for the time were great.  Ten years later a sequel is released and the original is finally ported to console.  I have yet to play the console version as I’m still working through Madness Returns but I’m think that as a console port the controls will be fairly easy since they are for the sequel.

Peggle – Look another puzzle game from PopCap (Bejeweled and Zuma are as well).  This one has a pattern of balls where you must clear the orange ones or lose.  Clearing all of them gets you a bonus and you can use a variety of helpers who give you special abilities when you hit the green balls.  This one actually works well on both the PC and console since you don’t have to hold the stick down the entire time.  It’s set up your shot and then push the button to launch the ball.

As long as there are the two mediums, there will always be a problem with games being ported.  Do you agree with me on which system these work better?  Do you have your own PC game which was ported to console that you think works better on one over the other?

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