Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them

Yesterday one of my fellow writers decided to show his ass by stating, that basically all girls suck at gaming.  I deliberately kept out of the downfall, which he brought on himself with this stupid article.  I have yet to figure out if he was serious or trying to make a point that stereotypes can go both ways; all gamers are nerdy guys who live in their parents’ basements and thus all girls suck at playing video games because they only want to talk and socialize.  Either way, HE IS WRONG!

Hello, have you met me?  I am a gamer.  I am a pretty serious gamer too.  And I am not a girl who wants to play games where I ride pink unicorns that fart love while vanquishing their “frenemies” with butterfly kisses, cupcakes, and gossip on the Wii.  Give me a good fighting game any day of the week.  Or something where I can shoot at the enemy; be it with a gun, bow, or magic.

Ayane will kick your ass

The first fighting game I ever played was Mortal Kombat.  To this day, that is still my favorite.  I have also played DOA 4, not a PC game but still lots of fun.  Playing the game online, even with a girl’s username, does not mean you are playing a girl.  When you open your mouth after kicking someone’s ass because they want to talk smack about how you are a 12 year old who has nothing better to do than play all day and all night and that’s how you beat them, some guys still don’t want to believe that you, a girl, can beat them.  This is where they feel superior, in the gaming world.  Wake up guys, more girls are getting into gaming.

I will admit many of the social games I see appear geared toward women, or maybe it seems that way so that the gaming industry can gain more female gamers in ways the “fairer” sex won’t realize they are actually playing a video game.  However, I know enough boys who have played, and still do, games like Farmville that I can hardly say social gaming is a female only forum.

I also know several girl gamers who play games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Borderlands.  I myself have played these games, and kicked boys’ booties.  It doesn’t mean that girls are better than guys or vice versa, just that I wanted to be good and made sure I was.  Again, though, the boys didn’t like getting beat by me.  It was sexually degrading.  I mean a girl beat them and girls don’t play video games so how could that be possible, right?

Some of us do not talk all day and dream of having a million babies.  Some of us want to kill the evil overlord, get the goods, sell the stuff we don’t care about, and then go back for the next adventure.  In fact, there are many games I DON’T WANT to talk to anyone because I don’t want to lose my focus.   Oh and I can spend my own hard earned money to buy that new game which everyone is talking about and stomp a hole in you, thank you very much.

Oh and if girls are biologically wired to avoid violence and competition, then how can I fight with a stick in armor in the SCA and hit harder than some of the guys I know?  I have no issue doing this and I expect to get hit back.  (So you can stick your “physically, emotionally, or digitally” thought back in your head Adam).

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