This Is Why Gamer Girls Are Better Than Us

This Is Why Gamer Girls Are Better Than UsGirls that actually enjoy gaming are such a minority that they are overshadowed by the average girl who just wants to shop and paint their nails.

One might think that this is an advantage because it’s so easy to stand out, but the reality is that they have an inferiority complex and are constantly trying to prove their worth.

And they succeed at proving their worth because chances are they have the skills to put down with the boys since game skill is a binary property with girls. They’re either t-bagging your corpse while sniping the next chump target… or they’re calling their girls to goto the mall and looking at the mirror making a duckface while taking a picture for their girlfrends.

Most Gamer Girls HATE being called Gamer Girls. It’s an offensive term. Think about how it would sound if they called us Gamer Guys. It’s absurd. Everyone knows that gamers are guys. Which is why we need to be clear that you’re a girl and a gamer or you would just get lost in the crowd.

Getting lost in the crowd is the last thing a girl wants since 50% of their sustenance is attention. The other parts are yogurt, berries, nuts, and some random fruity cocktail that tastes like swill to the average adult gamer.

So they seek attention, in fact they form all female clans so they can maximize their attention grabbing efficiency. I love this. I love it when large swarms of girls get together in sexy clothes just to prove that they can game as well as any guy AND look sexy at the same time.

Realistically, guys can’t game and look at your ass at the same time… so what you’re basically doing is creating a handicap so you can further escalate your apparent skills. We know you do this to get free shit in MMOs and that edge in any other fast paced FPS. Let’s not bullshit each other, you do this because you can and we can’t.

Gamer Girls don’t cry, they get angry. Especially if they’re in a large group. Women support each other emotionally because they’re biologically predisposed to coordinate with each other. I mean they fucking synchronize so they bleed at the same time… you know that they’re going to mess you up all at once… you have no chance, my friend.

Gamer Girls are smart. They make friends while guys just go around beating their chest claiming territory. They use manipulation tactics that they mastered on their real life boyfriends. They’ll strip your avatar down to his digital tighty whiteys while you hand her all your shit because she’s a girl and she keeps emoting giggles and kisses.

We’re dumb. We fall for this shit.

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