Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) PC Review

Counter Strike was one of the earliest online shooters.  It brought fast paced tactical game-play to the table in possibly the biggest and baddest way possible.  Starting off as a Half Life Mod it took stole gamers hearts and minds soon after version 1.0 and beyond. If you have not played Counter Strike I fear you may […]

5 Tower Defense games you should play on Kongregate

There are so many tower defense games that sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to while away your time.  Some stand out better than others and some look cool but turn out to be duds.  These five are ones I have played and enjoyed, even if they made me crazy.  They are in order from least[…]

Kingdom Rush Achievements part 1

If you play Kingdom Rush on the IronHide website site, there are achievements that you can get by playing this game.  Some are easy to get and others require several playthroughs or specific knowledge of how to do them.  If you play on Kongregate these are available as well but getting them doesn’t count toward your score[…]