Analysis of the Guild Wars 2 Economy

John Smith of ArenaNet, had the opportunity to do some an extensive economic analysis on Guild Wars 2 and was kind enough to write do a writeup and infograph about it. This is an amazing analysis that boils down to this: The Jeweler Profession is very popular 85% of the wealth is owned by 50% of the population Currency exchange rates between coin and[…]



Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) PC Review

Counter Strike was one of the earliest online shooters.  It brought fast paced tactical game-play to the table in possibly the biggest and baddest way possible.  Starting off as a Half Life Mod it took stole gamers hearts and minds soon after version 1.0 and beyond. If you have not played Counter Strike I fear you may[…]

Why don’t computer games have achievements

I am a gaming girl; yes, I know we have determined this already.  However, I play on several platforms.  PC, console, mobile device, even tabletop; I like them all.  Some games are only available on one platform, others work better on certain platforms, and some it doesn’t matter. I do prefer console gaming to everything else though. […]