A Gay Gamer Convention is NOT Necessary (Gaymercon 2013)

GaymerCon.  No, I’m not kidding.  This is really happening.  And I think it’s complete and utter BS.  Let me explain why.

Gaming is for everyone.  The virtual reality you choose to emerse yourself in is for YOU.  If you don’t like a server you’re playing on, the leave.  If you don’t like the gameplay or graphics of a game, then don’t play it.  It is completely up to you and in your hands.  And common ground for gamers is…..fucking gaming.  When did this become a sexual issue?  When did gaming turn from being a form of entertainment to be enjoyed by the masses alone or with fellow gamers, to an issue of whether someone likes to pound guys or girls?  WTF?  More specifically, let me get to a few Gaymercon arguments I find utterly off balance.

Jim (who I mostly adore) from Destructiod wrote on the issue in his article titled: “The Importance of a gay gamer convention”.

He may like the sausage as well as tacos from time to time, but once again, what does that have to do with gaming?  Feelings of isolation because of sexual preference has nothing to do with gaming.  It is a cry to be recognized and understood.  I am not saying I have a problem with anyone in the LGBT community, but why is this the one central issue you care so much about?  Why are you forcing everyone around you into your bedroom?  Who cares?  I sure don’t.  And the majority of human beings don’t care either.  If you are a decent human being and go home behind closed doors and bang Brandon, I don’t care.  Likewise, if you go home and wack off to Jenna Jameson, I could give even less of a shit.  But when you hint in public your “behind closed doors” activities, that’s where the problem lies.

And Jim, your comparison between being a different race and being gay is weak-sauce.  I’m not saying someone chooses to be gay, much like someone doesn’t choose their skin color or heritage.  I’m saying all gamers are welcome to game.  Everyone is entitled to have a blast in their favorite game.  What do sexual urges have to do with gaming, and why does everyone have to hear about it?

Below is the Kickstarter video to promo Gaymercon 2013.  To fully understand the video below, let me help you:

LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender.  And yes, it is that colorful.

Get over yourself.  If you were a true gamer you wouldn’t care about this babbling bullshit.  Your “safe space” is the vitrual real estate you occupy when you’re in the middle of a gaming session.  And that’s it.  If sexual orentation comes into your gaming time, then you have a few screws loose.

I have no problem gaming with gays, straights or anyone for that matter.  Who cares?  All I care about when gaming is……..GAMING.  If you’re looking for a relationship while on an online server, then you may be barking up the wrong tree.  The thing that really annoys me is that this comes from the notion that sexual orientation has anything at all to do with gaming.  It does not.  This is as absurd as stating I only feel safe watching movies with men that bang their wives every night.  What the fuck does this have to do with enjoying a movie?  Nothing.  It is just a movie!

I am a Veteran, and that makes me unique.  But do you know the difference from a group of Veterans organizing or getting together for an event, it has nothing to do with what type of porn we like to watch.  It is about the fact that we served that connects us.  And with gamers, the fact that we game should be enough to connect us as well.

Batman, Spiderman, Thor and The Hulk making out is not something I want to witness (or anyone should have to witness unless they want their childhood ruined), and I think the majority of gamers think this is too much as well.

Blast me, or agree below….

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