5 Tower Defense games you should play on Kongregate

There are so many tower defense games that sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to while away your time.  Some stand out better than others and some look cool but turn out to be duds.  These five are ones I have played and enjoyed, even if they made me crazy.  They are in order from least favorite to most.

5. Rebuild – This is a zombie survival tower game.  You have to gather survivors, food, supplies, retake areas for housing and defensible buildings to destroy the zombies and rebuild the human race.  Moral plays a big part in this game as done having the right defenses in the right areas and not getting too greedy too early.  It can get frustrating when you lose too many people just as you were getting things better.  You can lose this game if you are over run by the hordes.  Despite the fact that I could never get very far, I still enjoyed this game but have not tried the second in the series.

4. Bloons Tower Defense 4 – This game is fairly simple but highly frustrating.  Balloons float across the screen in the patterns of the board you are playing.  You have to destroy them with monkeys who have various attack methods.  There are some other methods of destruction with planes and freezes but mostly it’s the monkeys.  As you gain levels, it takes more hits to destroy the balloons and some have multiple balloons in them.  Some levels are listed as hard to begin with while others are easy.  There are three other versions below this one but they were not as much fun since the game had so many improvements.  Don’t let too many balloons leave the screen or you will lose.

3. Mushroom Revolution – In this game, you have mushrooms as your defensive characters with five options available for them: fire, water, earth, air, and lightening.  Each wave would be a specific animal that had different weaknesses and strengths against the mushrooms.  The higher the wave, the harder it was to kill the animal.  When you did, you gained money to upgrade your mushrooms not only in levels but how many orbs (the options) which would make them even stronger.  This one also have a live total to win or lose and the higher level the foe, the more lives it steals.  Of all the tower defense games, I found frustrating, this one takes the cake.  I could never make it past the second level, having died at the third no matter how hard I tried.

2. Mushroom Madness 3 – While this game involves mushrooms as well, it couldn’t be more different than Mushroom Revolution.  Here you defend your mushrooms from the hungry animals.  They can crawl, dig, or swoop down to steal them.  You have to keep as many as possible to win each level and kill the animals in various ways.  This is the third in the series and by far the best since you can switch weapons easier and set traps without losing the weapon you currently have.

1. Kingdom Rush – A fantasy defense game where you must protect the kingdom from the orcs, trolls, wargs, wizards, and lots of other nasty creatures.  If you lose all your lives, you lose the game.  Build archery towers, magical fortresses, bombing turrets, and soldier strongholds to ward off these evils.  You can also use extra skills to defeat them.  Believe me you will need everything you can muster to take out the baddies as you advance in this game.  With seriously cheesy sounds from the towers you build, the game is extremely fun and will make you want to keep playing just to beat one more level.

So which tower defense games do you like?

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