Candy Crush Saga Review

Yet again I have found a time waster game, Candy Crush Saga.  Yes it is from the same maker as Bubble Witch Saga, and that is actually how I found this other addicting game.  Read on to find out what I think of it. Candy Crush Saga is similar to games like Bejeweled in that you have to […]

Is The Age Of Single Player Dead?

I was shredding it up Close Quarters style a few minutes ago, and I was selling 3079 – one of the games I told you to buy in IndieFort. I’ll get to that review in a second, I had quoted somewhere that said “3079 is a mix of Fallout 1 and Minecraft” and my regular squaddies were all over it. Then[…]

BMW and ThermalTake’s Level 10 Computer Case IS HOT

Welcome to the future, my friend.   Once again, BMW and ThermalTake have teamed up to bring you the next generation of PC Chassis. This computer chassis is so innovative, it looks like it’s science fiction… but it’s not.  This sucker is real and costs about $300. A few of the amazing features besides just the elegant futuristic architecture of[…]

Easy way to earn GameStop PowerUp Reward points

In between my Guild Wars 2 marathons, I am playing games on Kongregate.  I’ve been trying to complete a few games and check out some new ones.  The other day I played the new Bloons game, Bloons TD 5.  When I got to the landing page, I noticed that not only did it have the regular achievements,[…]