Easy way to earn GameStop PowerUp Reward points

In between my Guild Wars 2 marathons, I am playing games on Kongregate.  I’ve been trying to complete a few games and check out some new ones.  The other day I played the new Bloons game, Bloons TD 5.  When I got to the landing page, I noticed that not only did it have the regular achievements, which Kongregate offers, but a special challenge of the day where I could earn six PowerUp reward points for completing said challenge.

Since then I have checked every day and played the game which has these extra, easy way to earn rewards points.  I’m sure you are saying “six points isn’t very much” and you would be right.  However, if you were able to play, and complete, the challenge every day at the end of a week you would have an additional 42 points just for playing games!  Not bad for doing what you already are on Kongregate.

So far, the points have been six each time, with the exception of Labor Day.  That one was 17, although the challenge was much harder; I didn’t even get it.  I’m not sure if that was a holiday thing, a Monday thing, or Kongregate just changes it up some days since I just discovered this gem on Friday.

Now you need to make sure your Kongregate and PowerUp accounts are linked.  It’s easy enough to do, although don’t ask me how because I’ve had mine linked for a long time.  Oh and if you haven’t linked them yet, you get points just for doing that as well.  So if you want an easy way to earn extra PowerUp rewards points, go check out the achievement tab for the “Badge of the Day.”  I know I will be every day from now on.

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