GOG Giveaway Madness (9 Free for ALL) + (10 Free for 10)

Time to get your GOG on gamers!  We’ve got a special giveaway today, call it a GOG special.  Here is a little about what makes GOG special:

You buy it. You own it. 100% DRM-free.  DRM, also called copy protection, tries to control you and your games. We don’t believe in that – all of the games on GOG.com come without any DRM at all!

Download, reinstall, or backup without limits.  While you can always redownload your games off the GOG.com cloud, you can also install them on all your computers at home or back them up onto a DVD or spare hard drive. No limits!

Now what is this mysterious giveaway I’m spouting off at the mouth about, great question!  Let me drop it like it’s hot for a sec here.

Sign up for GOG and get 9 free games!  Really….. Do it here!  (top right, login/sign up)

  • The 9 free games EVERYONE that signs up gets are:
1.  Teen Agent
2. Tyrian 2000
3. Beneith A Steel Sky
4. Lure of the Temptress
5. Dragonsphere
6. Ultima IV
7. Ultima: The savage Empire
8. Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams
9. Treasure Adventure Game
On top of that crazy awesome shiz, we are also giving away 10 FREE GAMES to 10 LUCKY WINNERS of their choice from GOG ($9.99 or less)!

So, to clear things up.

1)  Sign up for GOG here and get 9 free games! (EVERYONE WINS)

2)  Enter for your chance to win a free game of your choice (ex: The Witcher, Baulder’s Gate, or Fallout)  10 winners total get a game each of their choice.  To enter comment below:

Does DRM Work?  Go!

That’s it.  This is epic not only because everyone wins 9 games no matter what, but also because 10 lucky winners will each win a game of their choice from GOG, get the lead out!

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