Keep your Brain active with Puzzler Brain Games

It has been stated that those who keep their brains active are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than those who let them go.  Something about the stimulation missing causes your brain to not function properly.  There are ways to combat this easily, play puzzle games!

Coming at the end of March from Koch Media, Puzzler Brain Games will tests your intellect with 20 different quick-fire puzzles.  Not only are they designed to be fun and engaging but also improve your cognitive ability.  The 20 puzzles train four different parts of your brain function categories: Visual, Word, Mathematical, and Memory.  In fact, because of this you will never play the same puzzle twice with the exact same content.  So while there is memory involved you can’t “cheat” by memorizing what goes where or what the total of the numbers are.

Koch Media has made the Puzzler series a household name with their range of puzzle magazines and inclusions into all kinds of other interactive platforms such as consumer magazines, newspapers (both regional and national), and book publishers.  As a gamer though, you might know them better for some of the other titles they have helped with such as Dead Island, Risen, and Sacred.

While the game will be released for PC and Mac platforms, Nintendo handheld fans can also get it for the DS and 3DS.  Currently the specs to run the game are not available.  However, from the pictures I don’t think they will tax any current PC out there.

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