Why Social Games are good for the gaming community

Some of you out there hate social games like the ones on Facebook.  For hardcore gamers, I can understand that.  Although, since I think of myself as a fairly hardcore gamer I don’t totally understand it since I like them.  However, if you think about it social games are actually good for gamers.

Before you get all male crazy on me and say that I’m delusional, let me explain why.  Social games give non-gamers an in to our world.  Now that may sound stupid but think about it, have you heard as much complaints the last few years from those “non-gamers” who are now playing games like Farmville, The Sims Social, and the hundreds of other games on places like Facebook?  No, you haven’t, or at least it has died down a lot.  That is because these people, who don’t consider themselves gamers even though in the basic sense of the word are, understand on some level why gamers like to play games; it is an escape from everyday life.

Where did this sudden revelation come from for me?  Well, to be honest as I was playing Farmville 2, I got an invitation to play Coasterville.  I checked it out and it made me nostalgic for Roller Coaster Tycoon, which I loved to play back when it was popular.  This got me thinking about how gaming has changed and, well it was a natural conclusion.  And while all you manly men out there think you are too good for social games, let me tell you that I have lots of male friends who play them.

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