Bioshock Infinite PC Review (Spoiler Free)

Bioshock Infinite is the 3rd game in the Bioshock series and its the first out of the 3 to jump out of the water and into the clouds. The game starts of slow giving you time to sink into the perfect scenes and beautiful music as you get familiar with this strange new city. Your treated to familiar yet new surroundings that will captivate your imagination and keep you wanting more.

The graphics were great and the music in this game is set on a whole new level so make sure you can play this game relatively loud to immerse yourself perfectly. If this is what happens to a game when the release date is pushed back then maybe all other companies should take note. This is how a game should be made!! I found 0 bugs to interfere with my game experience and the story was well crafted and always kept me guessing. The audio logs and secret doors add hours of gameplay as you run around searching for all the little things. This game is truly a work of art.

There is alot of crazy racist throw backs that immediately let you know what kind of place this truly is to throw you out of the perfection bubble and as you hear audio logs of other characters on both sides of the coin you truly create a sense of side as you run around through the poorer and richer sides of the floating city.

The characters in this game are done perfectly and all have entertaining personalities that will keep you remembering them long after you finish the game.

The gameplay in Infinite is perfectly structured and very entertaining, I found myself jumping on the rails and swinging around landing on enemies and repeating just cause it was something new that I haven’t seen done like this before and it added a lot of new strategies when facing many different kinds of enemies. There are many guns and “powers” to use and upgrade throughout the game which help it always remain fun as well as tears that your companion can bring in as you see fit to help you. Your also able to find bits of clothing with perks scattered around the city and your able to have at least 4/5 of these at one time which really help.

All round a perfect game very much worth your money that will keep you entertained for 20+hrs and more when you find yourself replaying the game tracking down all the little secrets you might have lost on the first play-through.

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