Expeditions Conquistador Gives the D&D and History Geek In Me a Nerdgasm

Expeditions Conquistador is an Historic Turn-Based Role-playing games that brings back the nostalgia of the original Gold Box SSI D&D role-playing games of the 1990′s but with the graphics of the 21st century and an amazing soundtrack. It got started as a successfully funded Kickstarter project by a Danish indie development team called Logic Artists with a final funding amount of […]



1973 Arma 3 Alpha Lite Keys for FREE!

No, not the year 1973, literally one thousand nine hundred and seventy three keys!  Casper already dished out a bunch on our FB page a few days ago, so I’m just gonna say we’re gonna be giving out at least 2k Arma 3 Alpha Lite CD Keys!   Check out a hot trailer for ARMA3 A So basically I’m gonna be[…]