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Cadence:“I wanna be an Airborne Gamer………..Live the life of blood and danger” Was I airborne?  Yes.  Am I a gamer?  Yes.  Probably anyone that has been in the Army knows the real words to the above cadence.  And that all 11B and all wannabes know that the Rangers are an elite Infantry unit within the US Army.  Am I saying I’m an elite gamer in a sea of other gamers… well I’d sure like to think so : )


But the fact is that I have been gaming since before I had my first girlfriend, before I even had man hair.  I’m not saying that because I have grow up playing PC and console games that I am the best gamer in the world, I do have a life outside gaming you know… But there are so many KICK ASS titles coming out this year and that have already came out, it’s friggin hard to find the time these games need to be fully enjoyed.

Literally I’m working on at this date the single player for Xbox 360: Bioshock 2, Modern Warfare 2 (beat both now, Bioshock 2 may be one of my favorite games of all time), and the 1st Mass Effect (too slow, had to put aside).  For PC I’m working on the single player for Borderlands (1/2 way through) and the Uncharted 2 Demo.  Also for PC which takes up most of my gaming time is the multiplayer/online aspect for Battlefield Bad Company 2, (working on single player still) and good old Counter Strike: Condition Zero (1 server and 1 server only, MOC baby!) and CS Source (Since the new update, it has given Source a new breath of fresh air).  It’s taking me a really long time to beat these single player missions for the 360, not because there are bad single player games (they actually rock) it’s just because the online multiplayer experience is way more addicting and basically more fun, which is what it’s all about.  So, need I say more, I think not… Game on !!!