Early History of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) are virtual persistent worlds that allow hundreds to thousands of players to simultaneous play and be part of the same game world.  All MMOs have the leveling treadmill type of gameplay common to nearly all roleplaying games, however, there are a few core features that are exclusive to persistent worlds such as[…]

Hate Origin? Bypass it then

Origin, the much hated EA Digital distribution service trying to compete with Steam has left a bad taste in many gamers mouths as of late.  Well, there is a way to play your precious BF3 without running it through Origin.  I’m not saying EA approves of this method or anything, I’m just saying there is a way to play Battlefield 3 without[…]

PC Game Piracy (Near and Dear to my Heart) The Truth…

I believe in the heart of every gamer we all want to know the lowdown on PC game Piracy and Piracy in general.  So here is a look into game piracy and its effect on the industry/gamers. I am tired of hearing about big multi-billion dollar corporations going after average people that have downloaded their copyrighted content. […]