Don’t ignore the box

You have got to love Metal Gear Solid games, especially since it is still being made by the great Hideo Kojima (even after saying he was done directing after MGS4). The stories don’t always make the most sense but the gameplay has always made up for it by being simply being innovative with each new installment and […]

5 Video Game Movies that weren’t terrible

I won’t say that directors and writers ever get a video game movie right; it would be a miracle if that actually happened.  However, I do think that some of them do get close, and I can accept that.  So here are five movies based off video games in no particular order, which weren’t all that bad;[…]

This Is Why Gamer Girls Are Better Than Us

Girls that actually enjoy gaming are such a minority that they are overshadowed by the average girl who just wants to shop and paint their nails. One might think that this is an advantage because it’s so easy to stand out, but the reality is that they have an inferiority complex and are constantly trying to prove[…]