Google Chrome 7: The Open Source Browser Project (GPU’s Enabled)

Stories about Google or Valve truly give me wood.  These two companies, in my mind take the cake (the cake is not a lie) when it comes to industry innovation, openness with their software and just being a couple of bas asses.  Google Chrome is my browser of choice.  They have created the only hack proof browser, and […]



GPU Kingpins (Nvidia & ATI)

Nvidia has long been the industry leader when it comes to Graphic Cards; they have given customers power and speed at an affordable price.  But there is this Dark Horse, this looming presence, this other company that knows how to make GPU’s and other computer hardware, and knows even better what customers want; speed, power and a[…]

PC Game Piracy (Near and Dear to my Heart) The Truth…

I believe in the heart of every gamer we all want to know the lowdown on PC game Piracy and Piracy in general.  So here is a look into game piracy and its effect on the industry/gamers. I am tired of hearing about big multi-billion dollar corporations going after average people that have downloaded their copyrighted content. […]