Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) PC Review

Counter Strike was one of the earliest online shooters.  It brought fast paced tactical game-play to the table in possibly the biggest and baddest way possible.  Starting off as a Half Life Mod it took stole gamers hearts and minds soon after version 1.0 and beyond. If you have not played Counter Strike I fear you may really young or not a true PC Gamer at all. Here is my CS:GO PC Game Review.

Pulling in over 80 hours in the CS:GO beta and then yesterday being able to see the full game in all its glory is, well glorious. During the Beta the only servers I played on were Valve hosted and no more than 5 vs. 5 game types. 5 vs. 5 is good for scrims and tough competition, but for pure fun pub servers is where it’s at.

Ohh and a Pub server is not a server in a Pub/Bar. It means Public server, aka anyone can join and suck or rock or troll or stay quite. I feel ashamed to admit that I thought Pub mean servers in a Bar for over 5 years. Laugh now please.

CS:GO was released yesterday. (Ohh and we have a giveaway going on for 5 free copies here by the way:) So I just had to fire it up and see how things were going with the huge influx of gamers.

Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a river that runs….I mean there are LOTS of servers that are FULL of eager gamers. This is amazing. Many gamers are coming over from 1.6, more from Source and a small few from Condition Zero. And no matter if you’re a old pro, or just trying out Counter Strike for the first time, you’re bound to have a blast, and know the true meaning of getting owned.

More than COD, or Battlefield, pure fast paced domination is where it’s at with CS:GO. Get on a hot streak and feel like you’re king of the virtual world. But don’t worry, if you suck just blame it on Lag or the game being broken, that usually works as well.

Once you get on a team that communicates and knows what there doing, playing GO will be the most fun with a FPS anyone should be allowed to have. There are no killstreaks or attacking dogs with lasers firing out of their asses. This is straight-up up solid game-play, new graphics, great maps, tactical fun and a bit of spray & pray from time to time.

There are even training (as there should be) levels for the Counter Strike Noob. I went through these just to see what it was all about, let me say this CS Vets, do it. It was fun, funny (Valve style funny) and actually helped remind me of a few basics for the game.

CS:GO is going down in my book as the Counter Strike to beat all Counter Strikes. I’m not saying previous versions don’t have value, and there will be a few narrow minded fools out there who stay with 1.6 or Source. But give GO a chance ye ol’ CS Veteran, you may be surprised.

Beside Counter Strike: Global Offensive being the most damn fun in a FPS out there, there are a few other reason you should buy CS:GO, you can see those reasons here.

The Graphics in GO look amazing. I’m still amazed at what the Source Engine can churn out. And with the update in visuals they have not sacrificed game play in any way, shape or form. I was getting last night 100+ FPS easily.

CS:GO get’s my full endorsement, get it, get owned and have a blast!

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