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The best gaming news site brings to you the best and the latest and recent news from the industry:


  • The next seasonal event of Destiny 2 the solstice of heroes is coming up in a new avatar and is sure to blow your mind.


  • The new version of Pokemon masters will be more action-packed with greater battles to fight and the transaction schemes will be lesser.


  • Remedy’s control, one of the most favorite games of every youth now comes in a golden theme to dazzle your eyes and appetite for the game.


  • The best of the pc games of 2018 can now be played in play station 4, Xbox and switch.


  • Now pokemon go will come with the latest features of shadow pokemon and team rocket.

Most Anticipated Games for 2019

The best gaming news site brings to you the best games of 2019:

  1. THE LAST OF US PART II: this game which is a sequel of The Last of Us Part I, has been voted the most anticipated game of the year and can be played on the PlayStation 4 platform.
  2. DEATH STRANDING: this game is expected to release on 8th of November and can be played on the platform of PlayStation 4.
  3. DOOM ETERNAL: can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, switch and pc and is expected to release on 22nd of November. This will be an action-packed game for all the action-loving gamers.
  4. POKÉMON SWORD AND SHIELD: pokemon has always been our favorite monsters of all. This new game on pokemon can be played on Nintendo Switch and is expected to release on 15th of November.

Biggest Gaming Convention Every Gamer Should Visit

The latest online gaming conventions:

  1. PAX: this convention will be held in Australia, and will rotate among the south, west and east of Australia chapters. PAX is the abbreviation of Penny Arcade Expo, that organizes the biggest of the gaming conventions throughout the year.
  2. ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO: or commonly known as E3, is the biggest gaming event in of the USA held in California between 11th to 13th of June.
  3. DREAMHACK: this gaming festival takes place twice a year, once in June and once in December in the city of Jönköping in Sweden. It is a three days event that assembles the largest game-loving crowd in a single spot.

Our Pick for Best Free Games To Play From Your Browser

The best gaming news site brings to you the best games to play from your browser:

  1. Lost Ark Online
  2. Fortnite Battle Royale
  3. Dota 2
  4. Planetside 2
  5. Path of Exile
  6. League of Legends
  7. Hearthstone
  8. Online Poker
  9. Blackjack games
  10. Slot games

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PC or Console Gaming?

Although both give you an out of the world experience, the gaming pcs are believed to be a better deal. There are multiple reasons to endorse it. with a gaming pc, playing games with better graphics get better. You can set the graphics in a gaming pc to higher levels and have smoother gaming experience. Moreover, the gaming pcs can perform multiple tasks while the only task that a console will perform is gaming. A gaming pc is nothing but a standard pc that we use, only equipped with special hardware that enables it to play games. the only downside of a pc to a console is the price being on the higher side.

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