July Promotions: Up to 70% off the PlayStation Store Games

The PlayStation Store is a must-see for fans of promotions and discounts of all kinds. This month, Sony and its partners release the great game with truly unbeatable offers reaching the minus 70% discount! Here is a selection of PS4 titles voted by Gamekult and the players.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Gold Edition

Considered by many as the best episode of the series (8/10 on Gamekult), Assassin’s Creed Origins in its Gold Edition version will give you access to the Deluxe pack and Season Pass. This is an incredible adventure in the kingdom of the Pharaohs. Immerse yourself in this mysterious and captivating intrigue that will make you (re) discover the myths and history of Ancient Egypt. Taking advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, and community feedback on the previous installment, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a title that all fans of action and the great show must possess. Especially since the Gold Edition is currently being promoted at 34.99 USD instead of 99.99. And if you don’t care about secondary quests, know that the standard version is only 19.99 USD!

A Plague Tale: Innocence

With this title rated 8/10 by the editor of Gamekult, Asobo Studio proves to the gaming planet that it is possible to design a captivating, stressful and moving game while offering optimal playability and graphics to fall to the ground. Imagining the story of orphans fleeing the Inquisition and a horde of rats of biblical proportions, the designers of a Plague Tale: Innocence had a genius idea for their infiltration game. Especially as the mechanisms of the game work perfectly and will make you vibrate in tune with the breath of these two innocents, lost in a world where only the most corrupt seem to be able to survive. A must-have for 34,99 USD!

South Park: The Annuals of destiny

Fans of humor, bold and zany, South Park: The Annuals of destiny is made for you! Developed by the teams of Ubisoft, this role-playing is not a potpourri of TV episodes, but an original story, exciting and surreal as one can expect from this cult license. An unquestionable success, which is rated 7/10 on Gamekult. Thanks to the promotions of the PlayStation Store, download South Park: The annual of fate to 29.99 USD instead of 79,99.

Dragon’s Crown Pro

A pearl in a diamond case: Dragon’s Crown Pro is a pure marvel rated 8/10 on Gamekult! Taking advantage of entirely 2D graphics of incredible beauty and animations of impressive fluidity, this Japanese action/RPG also offers a challenge at the height of its attire. Alone or as a team, go on an adventure in this kingdom where magic and swords are the only ones to make their voices heard. Explore dungeons and accumulate spoils and honors by battling dozens of monsters and creatures each more intimidating than the next. Dragon’s Crown Pro is being promoted on the PlayStation Store at 19.99 USD only.

Mad Max

All the madness and intensity of the film and much more, This is what Mad Max offers the video game, currently available on the PlayStation Store at an incredibly low price (9.99 USD). In this world where man is worse than a wolf to man, you will be Max, one of the last truly free men. Free to help the widow and the orphan or his only greed. Free to explore the desert and wild lands in search of parts to improve his car or villages to plunder. Free to fight hordes of mechanized savages or to infiltrate their encampment on foot. If Mad Max did not have the success he deserved, the promotion he is currently enjoying on the PlayStation Store should make him simply unmissable.

The Silver Box

There are many types of video game creators; what we prefer are usually either technically gifted or crazy! The Suda 51 teams check these two boxes. Each of their productions is a true playful and sensitive experience. The Silver case is one of their masterpieces. Entirely remastered in HD, this adventure is at once unsettling, repulsive, seductive, disturbing… captivating! It is difficult to say more without revealing this intrigue that is discovered little by little, through the wanderings in a confusing universe. The Silver Case is being promoted on the PlayStation Store for 6.99 USD.