The Best Free PC Games for 2019

Making this difference and considering that every free-to-play experience is a world in terms of business model, we want to dedicate this report to collect the best free games for PC. Please note that the titles you will discover below do not cover all free-to-play games available on the market, as the list is extensive. That is why we will keep this report up-to-date with all the recommendations that come up.

League of Legends

We cannot start a collection of free PC games by ignoring one of the key licenses in this business model: Riot Games League of Legends. It is a MOBA-type game that already has more than 100 million players per month on the computer and captivates lovers of the genre. Your business model is clear: free access to games with available champions and pays Riot Points to unlock champions on your account. They can also be obtained, however, by playing games and climbing rank.


In the League of Legends line and for many players one of the most hardcore games in its genre we have Valve DOTA 2. The free MOBA can be downloaded directly from Steam and has similar gameplay, although somewhat more advanced. It was born from the ashes of a Warcraft mod and had a business model whose macrophages are more focused on cosmetic elements designed by modders through their official market than designs presented by Valve. That, the company takes Commission for every sale, so the business is round.


Another title highlighted within the universe of the MOBA is SMITE. The proposal developed by HIREZ Studios plays with a similar scheme in its basic approach but changes the aerial perspective to a third-person view of its heroes, who are set in divine characters. SMITE is a title more focused on action in the third person, a proposal with a lot of followers around the world and a great career in the world of e-sports.


Paladins: Champions of the Realm is one of the most recent frees to play titles. After several stages of testing, the Hi-Rez Studios title has managed to reach the final version status and trap players with their game mechanics. It is a title with 15 million players, and it confronts teams in five against five where each selects a champion with special skills. Download Paladins

Heroes of the Storm

The fourth title in the discord within the universe of the MOBA is Heroes of the Storm, the assault of Blizzard to this prolific race of games. It was launched with a free-to-play model, being one of the first titles of the Californian company to bet on this side of the business and willing to attract players from all their sagas through controllable Heroes Of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. It is an experience made a Blizzard within the genre.

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

If you are lovers of all things retro and the universe, The Elder Scrolls, you can enjoy, from some time ago, The Elder Scrolls2: Daggerfall completely free downloading the game from the website of Bethesda without any cost. Daggerfall, despite being from 1996, is considered to be the biggest game of the saga both because of the extension of its map of 161,600 square kilometers explorable and because of its vast line of argument that will lead us to know Roca Alta, the westernmost part of Tamriel.