Rising Storm Review

9.5 Overall Score Gameplay: 10/10 Graphics: 9/10 Sound: 9/10 Environment | Weapon Animations | Online Gameplay Not yet many players | Still in Beta, bugs cant be avoided I am tired, really tired. I have not showered in at least a day and i have intentionally left my Iphone on silent. Why? If you have been around […]

G Fuel Gamer Juice Giveaway

We’re doing a special giveaway gamers!  Have you ever wanted to slam an energy drink or a 5 hours energy drink to keep your tired gaming eyes open?  Haven’t we all, lol.  Well, there is a special drink created specifically for games, G Fuel!  And thanks to Gamma Labs we’re giving away a bunch of G Fuel energy[…]

Bioshock Infinite PC Review (Spoiler Free)

Bioshock Infinite is the 3rd game in the Bioshock series and its the first out of the 3 to jump out of the water and into the clouds. The game starts of slow giving you time to sink into the perfect scenes and beautiful music as you get familiar with this strange new city. Your treated to[…]

Easy way to earn GameStop PowerUp Reward points

In between my Guild Wars 2 marathons, I am playing games on Kongregate.  I’ve been trying to complete a few games and check out some new ones.  The other day I played the new Bloons game, Bloons TD 5.  When I got to the landing page, I noticed that not only did it have the regular achievements,[…]